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Olive Oil of Arco is one of the most precious oils in the world.
His virtues are derived by the high presence of valuable substances, such
as squalene, phytosterols and tocopherols; fatty acids, such as linoleic
and linolenic acids; from vitamins and phenolic compounds.

Thanks to the presence of this rich heritage
and its compatible with the acidity of the skin, Olive Oil of Arco has emollient,
protective and antioxidant properties of the skin and is therefore able to fight
the imperfections caused by aging, pollution and tobacco smoke, redness
and irritation of the skin, weakness and deterioration of skin and hair.

Therefore ideal for the production of cosmetics
can make a substantial contribution in the care of the person.

The "Terroir", or the area where the well-defined natural condi-tions, physical
and chemical properties, the geographical area and the climate allows the cultivation
of olive trees that give this special oil, is an ideal location in the hills of the natural
amphitheater of the Alto Garda Trentino.

Even the ventilation of the area is due to the creation of the ideal climate.
Ventilation supported by two winds lapping on the lake Garda and help to make this oil
unique in the world: the Pelèr, cold wind constantly blowing from north to south,
from the early hours of the morning until noon, and the "Ora", a warm breeze coming
from the south blowing from early afternoon until dusk.

Another element that completes the realization of this ideal oasis is the typical
Mediterranean climate of Lake Garda Trentino, the most northern in Europe,
which, together with the rigidity of the winter months, is a key element that guarantees
the perfect ripeness of the olives, and a substantial reduction in olive pests to enable
the realization of organic farming.
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